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Matt McCord (FCA JAX Director/Head of Recruiting):  Coach Matt is a 19-year Navy Special Operations Veteran and was on the US Navy's regional triathlon team.  He a Certified Tactical Athlete Level I Coach and has provided biometrics and strength & conditioning training to military members for 12 years.  He is a US Lacrosse Level II Coach coaching various developmental and select travel teams in Va and Fl since 2014.  He has developed and is the Interim Head Coach at St Joseph Academy for their first high school Varsity Boys Lacrosse program.  

"Our purpose as Christian coaches is to draw our players closer to God through our actions, hard work, commitment, and comradery on and off the field.  This may be the only time these athletes have a strong Christian value set placed on them and I've personally seen it change attitudes, love, and drive for the game and life."